It seems that a lot of people are feeling blah – I have been reading friends blogs, and strangers blogs, and talking to people and blah is the word of the week. Or so.

I worked on my photography assignment today. It is my last and I have to illustrate the Gestalt Principles with a series and something I haven’t photographed before. Unfortunately today’s weather sucked so they are really dim and not particularly good. The only photos I like are my continuity ones.

I guess I have to do proximity, closure and similarity tomorrow. I really hope the weather improves! monash uni sounds like a good subject to do a series of photographs from – but in reality it sucked. Its probably not too good for another university either… (I am studying this course with RMIT afterall)

I also had singing which was nice – I think it counts as an arty thing. So there. I shall paint this weekend – i am planning to anyway – i need something to take me away from eBay.

2 thoughts on “Blah

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