Male Charcoal Sketch

I am officially over putting the date in the title – what a waste of time! it shows the date on the blog anyway so I am not going to bother anymore. This is a 5 minute sketch of a male nude in charcoal (obviously). I didn’t want to do a blended charcoal image so I stuck with some of the basic premises of drawing – strong lines and varying line hardness. the charcoal creates some great texture that is quite compelling and I think the image looks like it is made out of shapes – it is the simplicity that makes it strong. I like the angularity of the butt especially, the rest I can take or leave but it was a fun excersise in simplicity of line and shadow.

It is good to work in speed and simplicity as well – many chinese paintings capture the essence of a thing in a few precise lines, and japanese paintings (working on a similar philosophy) are produced at speed. I feel it helps to understand what makes a thing a thing if you can identify its core shapes and capture it at speed. if you can see what makes something what it is, what goes into making it up then it will gain its own life and expression.

I don’t know what I am saying here, but I know what I mean. I might revisit this later – I will be working on it some more I think…

Oh PS, I added Google adsense onto the side bar – if you click onto the links in that pretty box I earn money! its a good thing.

Oh, PPS – I got an excellent mark on my photography assignment! yay!

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