Charcoal Portrait

This is a portrait of a little boy. I thought his little face was beautiful. This was basically to see if I can still do portraits and I think the answer is yes. I like the dark rough background – it contrasts with the softness of his pretty face.

I have charcoal in my lungs. That is the drawback of doing the rough black background – charcoal dust is everywhere!!! *cough*

In other news (somewhat mundane but I am enjoying it.. I have had my hair done. I wanted to break away from my old corporate self and get something now. It is different but I like it – it is so less boring!! I am reinventing my image a little.. It is sort of a mix of rocker chick and boho and it is good. Its been ages since I actually had a ‘casual look’ it used to be suits and evening wear and jeans with random tops. It will be nice to have a look.

Oh, look for a reinvention of the theme of this site too – I want it to match my webpage

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