Expression of Pain


This is what happens when you are depressed and painting. It is a hard piece to talk about and was a hard piece to paint – I collapsed in tears at the end of it. This is pure expressionism. It is uncomfortable and emotive with primitive shapes. The definition of expressionism is where the subjective feelings of the artist override objective reality. I started with a specific image in mind and went crazy. Literally. It is highly textured and, although you cant see it in the photo (its pretty bad, I will re-shoot it later) it has a lot of colors like red and purple. (click on it to zoom)

Do I like it? Not really – I don’t think I ever will. I probably would have stashed it away in the back somewhere and never looked at it – The subject matter is a little close to home for me right now.

Is it an important piece? Yes. It is not only a freeing of my style and a complete move towards abstract expressionism, but it is also completely out of my comfort zone. This alone makes it important- but it is also psychologically an important piece. I am sure you know what I mean 😛 Liam got this piece straight away (well, I would have been really upset if he didn’t!) and, despite my worries, really liked it. I think he sees how much of myself went into it. He hates abstract expressionism so I take it as a huge complement and kudos that he likes it.

Do I care if you like it? Not really – and that is another reason why it is important, it is the first piece that is so part of me that I really don’t care what anyone thinks (except Liam). It isn’t actually a piece to like or dislike – just to be. It just is.

I will leave my thought on this painting with the quote that kept intruding after I had calmed down a bit (a LOT!) It’s from Family Guy’s Chris in one of my favorite episodes ‘A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Bucks’

“It’s partly an expression of my teenage angst but mostly its a moo cow!”

4 thoughts on “Expression of Pain

  1. Wow, Jennie! That is a departure, certainly, but it is so dynamic, such an emotional shriek. It may not be representative of your normal work, but certainly still has that ‘Jennie’ style and feel to it. It truly shows that you have exceptional ability to imbue your work with raw feeling. You’ve got a gift, there. It’s inspiring to see you exploring it, even when it’s so uncomfortable. Brave stuff. But then, you are a brave person, I believe. Listen to me ramble. Obviously I’m moved by your work. *blush*

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