I want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my latest work – your kind comments really meant a lot to me. Painting out of your comfort zone is very scary and this was a long way out – it feels great to see how well it was received. But I don’t think I will be doing anything like it for a while, its just too emotional!

yes it is still wet.

I will be painting again soon, I have been finishing my last essay and now I am free to pursue art again! (well as soon as my chiro gets back and I can actually move but oh well) I actually got the courage to visit Making Life Easy and am now the proud owner of a reacher, a dressing stick and a cane that is actually appropriate for my injuries. For the first time in over a year I have retrieved something from the floor and put on my own lingerie. This is a small thing to most of the world but I was so happy I almost cried. The independence I have received from these simple tools is enormous. Next we will be looking at a reclining lift chair (electronic, it will lie me back and help me get up without effort – this will reduce the strain on the injuries) and rails for the Loo so that I can get myself up without bringing my cane in with me!!

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get all this stuff but for a long time I was optimistic that I would heal and any purchases like that would be a waste of money and space. Then I was embarrassed – thinking that it would be digging my own grave, that I didn’t need help, etc.. I think in some random way Creating that painting was a step towards accepting my injury and embracing it to a certain extent. My doctor has been telling me for some time now that it will almost certainly be permanent and all we can hope for is an increase in mobility so it is long overdue that I just admit that I need help and move on. These tools are here for my independence and if they can help me lead a normalish life and let Liam get back to work so much the better.

I do feel a little like an old lady tho – thankfully lift chairs now come in quite attractive microsuede!

2 thoughts on “Thankyou!!

  1. Rob would tell you to get the gear you need (or ‘toys’ as he calls them) to help you whilst you need them. Once you have them, hopefully your life will be somewhat simpler and make it that bit easier for you to work toward not needing them any more.

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