Spaces in between

My last assignment for this folio! the topic was spaces between things. so the subject isn’t the subject only the space is the subject – get me? I chose a stack of my paintings against a wall with the light from my vertical blinds streaming in. it was quite a fast work but its still effective. I only used the side of the charcoal, no lines at all-Just creating the spaces with tone alone. heh that rhymes.

I am worried about my next folio as over half of it involves several works set in one site (as in, not in the studio, or the backyard). it will involve plein air work, Installations, earthworks, collections and other activities that tend to involve a fully mobile and able body. I am stressing out a fair bit I have to admit. I have sent an email to my tutor, hopefully we can work something out.

I have made up my presentation now I just need to scan in my visual diary and set up that presentation. it takes a bit longer to do as I need to discuss and explain each work but that is tomorrows task.
I have started using flickr again for my photo hosting and this is using their blogging software. it looks pretty not bad.

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