Black Jesus revisited

Black Jesus
Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

I had to do a little more on this one before I submitted it. Now I am happier – not perfectly but within the scope of the assignment I think This is much better.

I widened the color palette and brought down some of the lighter tones and heightened the darker ones. I also redid the shadowing on the right of her face and her lips. I feel that this is a much better piece now and a more obvious extrapolation.

I have sent my folio off so tomorrow I have the day to myself to do my own work. I am looking forward to this immensely. I also want to tidy up my gallery just a little more – The Thumbnails look much better squared off- Now I just want to constrain the proportions of the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Black Jesus revisited

  1. I liked it the first time you showed it, but now you’ve added more colour, more tonal delineation and complexity, without losing the smoothness of line…or something. I’m not precisely sure what magic you’ve done, but I like it far more now.

  2. Hi, I\’m new here and have added you, if that\’s okay.
    (my blog is a w.i.p. right now)
    I think your style is really strong – some of it reminds me of Francis Bacon, who is amazing, in my opinion!

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