Guess my mood when I painted this…

Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

This is my ugliest painting yet.

I am not kidding. I think its hideous. but its ugly in a good way. its pretty obvious what its about and its pretty obvious where it came from. (although the Marilyn Mansonesque look is completely accidental) The technique is the same I used with Redhead and it is supposed to be a complete contrast between freedom and self confidence and the cycle of self hatred and abuse that anorexia can cause. it is a pretty obvious comparison really and frankly I think this painting lacks in subtlety but I wanted to hammer the reality in. she is not happy, she is still looking for the excess fat she knows is there – she can see it in the mirror – the fat mocks her.

I have had title ideas while I was painting it but they are all gone now – just tired I guess.

I want to explore EDs more but it will be more subtle than this. I planned this in my head and it is almost exactly what I pictured. thats right, I intended this ugly ugly painting. I have some other ideas for some paintings that will be more attractive and will fit in with some of my other works. I just needed to do this one.

I also need to think about my assignments. there is a lot to think about before I even get started.

7 thoughts on “Guess my mood when I painted this…

  1. Not pretty, but powerful, powerful stuff. Dark and courageous, the way you have painted it is ferociously uncompromising as such a visceral work has to be. It can’t be pretty. Honesty has it’s own beauty, though.

    I admire the way you have captured the texture of the skin – smooth and angular all at once. The way you have drawn her, she looks somehow hollowed out emotionally, as well as physically.

    So passive with her head low like that, until I look at her hands – then she seems almost to be seeking to tear her flesh from her body, as though that would expunge her self-loathing. That resonates with me, and I expect, with many, many people.

    The comparison with your replete, relaxed redhead is a fantastic contrast, but I feel that that this Anorexia-wracked form is far better than your lovely replete, relaxed redhead. Or perhaps just from a very different emotional place? Okay, I’m blathering again…

  2. Hi it’s the first time i ever encountered your pieces but this one caught my eye so quick. It is very powerful and I’m actually doing a paper about beauty for my art class and if you don’t mind I will be showing your art as one of my image.


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