playing around

..I am going to stop playing with my gallery soon I promise! It is pretty much the way the way I want it now.. The bounding issues have been resolved – it now fits inside the design. I like the square thumbnails and the css styles, the buttons are better too. the slideshow works and all of the images are arranged with newer uploads first. I am still not sure about the multiple pages – it is a toss up between lots of thumbnails or multiple pages. I don’t know what the better option is. I also intend to add in sizes and possibly prices – I haven’t decided yet.

One thought on “playing around

  1. Sorry about your wreck. Trust me it gets better. As much as you like the meds, do not get hooked! Been there done that too many times. Got t-shirt and ticket stub to prove it.LOL I am into racing big time, you will feel better, the lawyers getting you some payola should make you feel better mentally. loLOL Take care and stop by some time. Peace.Dawg

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