That’s better

There is something so rewarding about WordPress, look what those nice people have cooked up – custom headers for all! What do you think? It fits in with my Visual identity now but stands on it’s own as well which is very nice.

I have also been playing with my sidebar settings and separate pages. There is so much to do with WP- I am only just getting started. 

Some new additions involve a subscribe page with all my rss details and chicklets for different aggregators to make it easier for you all to add me to your readers. I also have chicklets on my sidebar but I don’t know if they will stay. I am re-categorizing, adding content and feedburner readers will recognize my new feed flares. Of couse I am still playing with sidebar settings and having fun just mucking with WordPress. its so nice to be working with a system that doesn’t judge me by my operating system and where the staff actually update regularly 😀

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