Money Paintings – Euro Series

Art News Blog: Money Paintings – Euro Series

I have yet to decide whether I love this idea or hate it. On one hand, it is a clever gimmick bringing in money for the artist. On the other.. well.. it is such a gimmick!

Is it selling or selling out? I remember when the artist’s first series was up and I pondered it then as an unusual idea. For those who don’t know, he paints dollar amounts starting from one and going up. selling each piece for the dollar value painted on the front. This latest series is in Euros and several numbers are booked ahead. Each piece is painted in order.

however I wonder if they will be investment pieces or kitsch in the end.. the monetary value is unlikely to increase past it’s displayed worth because that is the point of the piece. But, I give him snaps for the idea and for selling them and making money. In the art industry that is always a Good Thing.

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