The Reviews are in

Here are a couple of reviews the show has received so far. I think they are quite glowing reviews personally..

From Polly Morgan

I went to Jennie’s exhibition last night (Olav couldn’t make it because he was sick) at Artholes, which was really good. The photos on her web page (like most photos of art work) don’t do them justice. I got the shivers when I saw Ugly up close and adored Glow.

The other artists’ work on exhibit at the same place was also very interesting (although several of us compared one display to the iTunes visualiser, which may not be the reaction the artist intended). I particularly liked Jessica Bowden’s work – it’s dark and interesting.

And from the toughest critic of all – a 7 year-old girl

“I liked the paintings, ’cause they were pretty. My favourite ones were Cinderella, Bottom and Redhead, but I don’t know what Bottom and Redhead were really called, though.*

“I liked Bottom because it had a bottom and bottoms are funny. [giggles] I liked Redhead because all of the other paintings have peach or brown hair and that one had red hair and was different and pretty. I liked Cinderella because I love Disney Princesses and I love Cinderella best now.

“The other person’s paintings with the butterflies were pretty colours but looked like kid paintings. But they were still nice. And I liked the poems.”

One thought on “The Reviews are in

  1. Ah, from the mouths of babes … kids don’t tend to be pretentious like adults, so you can trust a kid’s opinion. They don’t know what “art” is, they just know what they like. And that girl was right on the mark – bottoms _are_ funny!

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