Image by Jennie (c)Remember this one? Well, it’s the central point for my new collection for the upcoming group show I’m in!

Thats right! Yours truly was invited to participate in a group show and will be exhibiting at Artholes gallery from the 7th of July for two weeks! Some of you will remember that gallery as the one that Avril exhibited at a while back. I am looking forward to it immensely. So, I was looking at my works and the space I am thinking of building a striking display around Redhead in this technique. Redhead is huge and will be the focus with all the other works being small and square. they will be nice wide profile canvasses which I love. with nice neat edges they don’t need framing, or they can be if the buyer wishes later..

In addition to this, I am working on a proposal for my next series (the impasto one) and my marketing kits and presentation. I am working on two series of paintings and the two sets of portraits for the SCA as well. The busier I am the happier I feel! I try to spend a bit of time painting each day (or night) and I schedule time to do the business side as well. The plan is that I have enough time for everything and to rest too. luckily I can do a lot of business work while resting with my computer set up.. I think the trick is to stop!

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