Quandry Revisited (The Rant Edition)

I don’t know which way to turn! Do I try to make money selling online or do I go for a more traditional path? or is there a happy medium for fence sitters like me? What am I supposed to do? wait until a gallery drops out of the sky and into my lap?

My options-
I can…
Sell on eBay and face possible professional death
Sell on other sites and face lack of exposure
Pay for a biiiig show and face a loss and physical collapse
Run after galleries and face rejection and physical collapse
Go in juried shows and face no money
Sit on my touchis and wait for them to come to me
Do a mixture of everything and face death through lack of focus and physical collapse because my bod just can’t cope.

I love how everyone is telling me what not to do but no-one has the hutzpah to say what I should do, or what I could do, or how I can work through this in a practical and positive manner. I am not afraid of the baby steps but we gotta clear all the crap out of the way before I can start- otherwise I am going to fall. (to belabor the metaphor)

I am not afraid to work. I am afraid of not doing the very best I can. I am most afraid of not getting anywhere because everyone is only telling me what I can’t do, not what I can! I know there is a way forward – help me find it! Don’t just drag me down.

hmm.. that has more than one meaning when I look at it – good to get it out.

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3 thoughts on “Quandry Revisited (The Rant Edition)

  1. Forget Ebay, avoid vanity galleries …… keep developing your art whilst you work on getting into commercial galleries.

  2. Hi Jennie, we met through ebay.
    Love your website, and your blog!

    as we discussed, ebay helps pay my bills while allowing me to continue to work on my work – which I do full time, every day (my studio is in the Rotary Centre for the Arts, in downtown Kelowna). I do not paint or draw for the masses, but for myself.

    If you dont want to do ebay, consider getting an online store, and sign up for constant contact, a very professional newsletter – http://www.constantcontact.com. I have had a few sales out of my gallery (http://gallery.juliatrops.com) since signing up with CC just two short weeks ago.

    I like ebay, because of the exposure (and for an artist, is there really any bad exposure?) Some of my clients include politicians and movers and shakers in eastern US. My art is going in their home or business, and my hope is that word of mouth will provide The Tipping Point, and my career will sky rocket.

    Who is saying ebay is bad? The art world itself? Pretty narrowminded of them, dont you think? 😉

    Talk to you soon,
    A Canadian Artist

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