5 Simple Steps to Owning My Career – Step 1: People Who Inspire Me

I thought a good place to start this blog project and owning who i am and where I want my career to go would be too look at the people who have inspired me. This list might seem random but there is meaning behind the madness. The people here have qualities I would like to emulate, have survived against the odds or are people I identify with or would like to. These aren’t in any particular order.

Dilana from Rock Star Supernova
Dilana’s Space
Dilana represents a lot that is special to me right now. She owns who she is and she does it in style. Sometimes that leads to an arrogant person but Dilana is very kind and considerate of her housemates and the band and seems very genuine. Her vocals rock and she absolutely owns every song she does. Her voice and her stage presence are memorable and she exudes confidence. she also exudes self identity and strength.

William Finn Composer and lyricist
Falsettos.net – Welcome
William Finn has written several of my favorite musicals. His work is avant-garde and brilliant with complex harmonies and witty lyrics. The compositions are varied and highly emotive, allowing the listener to get lost in his works. William Finn writes about subjects close to his heart quite frequently in a very honest style. Lately I have been listening to A New Brain which is directly related to Finn’s own brush with death in the form of an inoperable brain tumor. The honesty in this musical could be depressing but Finn’s light hearted composition makes the story inspiring and relatable.

Robert A. Heinlein Author
Heinlein Society – Official Robert Anson Heinlein Estate Endorsed Website
Heinlein has long been a favorite author of mine. many of his books have helped shape the person I am. After the accident I found myself noticing his characters with disabilities more. Characters like Baslim the cripple (a spy who used his artificial leg to store data) and Richard Campbell (an amputee who changes the world) show Heinlein’s own experience with disability after being invalided out of the army. The depictions of the characters are real, with genuine frustrations and struggles towards success. They show acceptance and an ability to move past the disability to do whatever they want. The stories and courage Heinlein and his characters show is inspiring, showing a disability is a hinderance only to the people who allow it to be.

Heinlein also shaped the way I view art and what I want to create, how I want people to feel about my work: Jennie’s Palette » Blog Archive » Beauty Revisited

Fitz Literary Character by Robin Hobb
Robin Hobb’s Home
Fitz showed me the reality of pain and the fear of pain. This story really helped me turn a corner in my acceptance of my chronic pain and that it is all right to be afraid. Obscurely he also taught me the pain of losing someone you care about to their art.

My Dad
Who showed me that a career can be a winding road and that you can follow your dreams and inspiration, even if it takes you in a random direction. Dad is full of ideas and inspiration and is one of the most free people I know.

My Granny
Who first inspired me to paint and to draw and to do it right! she is a magnificent sculptor and painter and a beautiful creative person. She has been and done so much and creates for the pure joy of creation.

and last, but most certainly not least!
Liam My Husband and soulmate
Who believes in me when I don’t always believe in myself. He is there at 3am when I am desolate and feeling like a hack. when I succeed it will largely be because of him. and then I will buy him a yacht.

What have I learned about myself from this list?

  • To move on and accept my injury and disability. that it should not be a hinderance to my dream coming true.
  • That it is ok to draw on that experience and that I will learn from it as well (some previous examples of my working through it: here, and here.)
  • That I don’t have to be liked but I do have to be myself. Not everyone likes Dilana or William Finn’s music but they are true to themselves and their visions and are geniuses because of it.
  • That it is ok to have the help of others (and to ask for help)
  • That having a strong vision, passion and drive counts big time
  • That you should always be nice to the people who help you out
  • That inspiration can come from unlikely sources and to keep your mind open for the possibilities.

View the next stage of this blog project here

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