5 Simple Steps to Owning My Career

One of my goals when I started this blog was to chart my progress as an emerging artist and my career progression. I think I am hitting a stage where I really need to solidify my plans. I’ve always had my goals in my head but I think lack of owning my goals, having them written down and keeping them firmly in mind, is why I am possibly losing my way a little now.

So. I am going to brainstorm this process as a blogging project over the next week. I am going to throw out ideas left, right and center for how to achieve what I want. I anticipate a blend of online and off. of traditional and not.. If any readers have any thoughts through this process I would love to read your comments (please be constructive and supportive, this is going to be tough!)

I want to look at:

People who inspire me and why: Posted here

Who I am and my personal goals: Posted here

My career goals and aspirations: Posted here

Then, having identified what I want I will need to turn my attention to how to get it!: Posted here

And finally, Milestones for achieving my goals (because you can take the girl out of Project Management but..)

One thing that has become clear lately is that I need to be me. I need to find my own way and be my own person. I need to be comfortable with who I am or else I am not going to be comfortable putting myself out there. Most of all I need confidence and to Own myself and my career.

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