Well, my project is already having beneficial effects. I am feeling a lot more focused and in control. The other night I had a painting session that didn’t go very well and I was in high ‘hack mode’.
I felt that I had to try to cater to other people’s concepts and work more realistically. the last time I did that I got Sigh. Sometimes I feel a need to fit in with fashion or to prove that I have the traditional grounding. I don’t know why, since I progressed to more contemporary styles I have felt that my work has exploded into a whole new dimension and I don’t really want to look backwards.

Anyway, I decided to work in the textural gesso series I have been working with, but kept modifying the poses in my head until the cows came home. I ended up with the above and wasn’t too happy. It was ok, just a bit bland.

The next night, around 5am I had an epiphany of what to do but decided to wait (wisely). So last night I tackled this rather boring piece with pastel and charcoal and I think the difference is amazing. This is very different from anything I have ever done and the effect is unusual. I like the flowing, inter-relating curves, they seem to be a big part of my focus. The intention was to make an impression of movement or reaction. It has come off almost orgasmic and I am thinking of calling it extacy. The lines are very sketchy and loose, a contrast to the textural bit. It’s an interesting new experiment and it comes off quite emotive. What do you all think?

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