Letting it out


Things have been somewhat emotional lately, and a recent movie kinda made me tap into some really biiiig issues I am not going to get into here. Now while freakouts are very harsh and upsetting when I can run off into my studio and pour them out in art.

Drawing is especially good for this because I can let go and receive some instant results. I don’t need to setup or prepare, just to unleash everything on the paper. It is such a raw medium I think it can often capture an energy that painting might lose through overworking.

I think this has a lot of different interpretations depending on your mindset. It’s harsh and nasty, not a ‘nice’ piece, but It has been an image that’s been kicking around in my head for years and it needed to come out. another excising. It’s me at my most exposed (well, except for the pain painting) and shows my feelings about a lot of things, not necessarily just my original intention. I drew a lot of comfort from creating this, Like I have let a demon out.

One key question might be why I didn’t make the figure a nude. For me it was almost more exposed with clothes on, like the clothes are an insubstantial armor. to draw her nude would be too literal, too obvious. The clothes are a symbol in a way of all the things we draw about ourselves to keep our personal demons out and how they don’t really work.

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