Nude of the Week – Bestial Daz Render


Daz|Studio render

This is one I’ve been wanting to paint for ages but other pieces just keep coming first! the problem with working so much on my preliminary renders is that I keep getting ideas, making new renders and getting excited about them.. so I’m going to showcase a few renders that got lost by the wayside. at the moment I am getting used to the new reality render engine for daz so I don’t have any new material and the painting I’m working on is in a difficult place, so I don’t want to post it right now!

when the weather is really bad (as it has been here) my pain is much worse. I compensate for painting time by rendering and getting new ideas for painting so that when I am well enough I can head into the studio and go for it! I seem to be very obsessed with crouching figures at the moment..

Daz|Studio products used
Figure: Victoria 4 *free*
Character: Eve
Hair: Eve
Lighting: Studiolight Pro
Morphs: Morphs++ NGM for V4

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