The Universe is talking to me…

Do you ever get that feeling? Well, at TUTs Adventurers Club, you can sign up for Notes from the Universe. I recently heard about this and thought I might give it a burl. you can select when you receive mails and add a goal to have it all personalized. It sounds hokey but I have to admit that not a mail goes by that I don’t get a smile or a bit of a laugh. Here are some excerpts from a couple I have received..

And to answer the often unasked question, “Yes, you can still have it all, no matter what others in your life might think, say or do.”

Talk about multi-tasking –

The Universe

And to answer that other unasked question, Jennie, “No. It’s not OK to wrap them up in duct tape.”

It’s bizarre how it seems to know me..

Please, Jennie, don’t ever settle for less than what you really, really want.

I mean, what else am I going to do with all this stuff?

The Universe

Sure, I’d keep your studio, but the hula hoops, tutus and sparkly suits…?

I always get a bit of a lift from them, they are inspirational but not soppy and frequently have random silliness. they are a small random thing to look forward to each day 🙂

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