How I am Going to Get What I Want.

My ongoing blog project 5 Simple Steps to Owning My Career has slowed down due to planning my new show but a new Group Blog Project over at ProBlogger has given me new impetus to move ahead. I have defined my Influences, my self and my goals, now it is time to move ahead with the exciting part, how to get what I want!

  • Scout out galleries who like the sort of work I do and take emerging artists, then have the confidence to approach them and the confidence in myself to know that I deserve representation and support.
  • Put together a sexy portfolio with my best works and information from my marketing kit.
  • Be comfortable talking about my works, subject matter and personal beliefs. Show the passion I feel about my pieces and project that confidence – even if I don’t always feel it!
  • Go to openings and exhibitions, be comfortable moving in the arts and collector circles.
  • Keep updating my Mailing List
  • Find out about Museum donation requirements, make a list and keep it updated.
  • Talk to charitable foundations regarding donations, speaking and charitable auctions.
  • Paint Paint Paint!
  • Find contacts for newspapers, local papers and guides for publicity and exposure. maintain the list and send out regular press releases.
  • Find or make opportunities to show and speak or publish.
  • Keep improving with every painting
  • Ask when I need help
  • Keep building my physical strength so I don’t hold myself back
  • Put myself forward!
  • Realize that I am ready now – and not put off everything for the mythical time when I will be. if I am not now, then I never will be.
  • Stop talking myself down
  • Stop holding myself back
  • Recognize opportunities and grasp them with both paint encrusted hands

Some of these things I am already doing, but this list will serve as a reminder of all the things I want to do to make my personal dreams come true.

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11 thoughts on “How I am Going to Get What I Want.

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  4. hi,
    thanks for dropping by me blog! I’ve never met a real life painter before and it’s quite an honour to have one commenting on my blog.

    can i add a link to you in my blog?

  5. Thankyou all so much! I feel really strong writing this list. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s too, Yet another great project from problogger 😀

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