Dare to Bare…

“I’m looking for artists who go beyond the academic. Many people can learn the skill of drawing. While an academic foundation is crucial, it’s the artist’s interpretation that makes it art, not the literal, figurative, academic classification. In the 21st century, we’re beyond the academic. What is the artist’s take on the nude? I want to see other ways to communicate otherwise, what’s the point? The academic works end up looking too similar – skill but no concept” explains Christopher Henry, Chelsea gallery owner and art dealer.

barebrush.com Celebrates the Nude Form

Barebrush are part of the new generation of art platforms that meld traditional gallery sensibilities with online technology. The internet has provided a liberating platform for artists to reach further markets, creating some controversies amongst dealers and gallery owners who worry about losing some of their responsibilities to new technology.

Sites like barebrush.com prove that there will always be a place for the traditional gallery relationship and dealer representation. this site presents an opportunity for artists like myself to present works and participate in a monthly competition curated by well known dealers and gallery owners like Christopher Henry all entirely online. Opportunities that exist online like this allow dealers to see new artists and for artists anywhere to gain exposure to dealers and markets they might never get the opportunity for. That adds up to win/win in my book!

BTW, a couple of my works are up there – feel free to take a look! I will probably add more as I go along.

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