The Trouble with Mice

I have been having a nightmare of a time with wireless mice. My RF belkin one had horrific reception and lousy battery life. I ordered a bluetooth one on sale online only to be sent the RF version. After much to-do I finally got the mouse I requested. it worked well with good reception but ate titanium batteries for breakfast. I had to change them about once a week.

So I finally gave in. Or rather, after I was about to hurl both mice in a howling rage, Liam got tired of my ranting. I have given in and gotten rid of the last remnant of my seedy windows history and bought a shiny new Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. It has had mixed reviews but I just love it. It’s precise (laser), efficient, shiny and white (because it’s by Apple), and worked perfectly first time. It’s also comfortable to use which is a plus. I can monitor my battery levels on screen and if it is anything like the keyboard the batteries will last for ages.

so why, you may ask, has it taken this long to buy this mouse? well really this is a lesson to me. sometimes cheaper isn’t always better 😯 I tried to save money by buying another cheap wireless mouse and trying to save money but ended up losing even more. This seems to be a metaphor for the whole mac/pc world to me, A PC is cheaper to buy. you can really save money by buying no-name parts, but by the time you add up all the pieces, the replacement pieces, the parts you need to upgrade it, etc, then it is about the same price, if not more, over the life of the machine. I guess it’s about quality in the end.

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