Nudity Sells… and buys!

“The Ever-Changing Naked Picture Project” — his title for the 30-some photographs generated so far, as people of all ages and sizes disrobe for his camera — began in January. The entire series went on display at Gallery 825 on Oct. 20 and will continue through Nov. 17.

The project is ongoing. Until a few days before the show’s closing, Naked will accept requests from anyone willing to become his next nude model in exchange for a copy of the previous photo. Most of the models have been artists, but there have also been some who signed up after seeing the project at the gallery or online.
ART – An art fee that’ll make you blush – Los Angeles Times –

There’s something about this concept that really speaks to me, it’s about accepting all people as beautiful and embracing the figure and ourselves. at least that is what I get from it, no doubt many others see renewal of life, a demystification of nude art, a chance to be a part of a work of art or maybe just a chance to be an exhibitionist and see a new side to yourself.

Whew! does it sound like I have been writing proposals and creating submissions? that and I am constantly looking at different angles in art, trying to see how different people might see the same concept. I personally like my works to have individual meanings and completely different meanings. if it means the same thing all the time then perhaps you aren’t touching your audience enough..

And yes, to answer your question, I probably would have participated in The Ever-Changing Naked Picture Project ;).

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14 thoughts on “Nudity Sells… and buys!

  1. Would I have participated in The Ever-Changing Naked Picture Project? The answer is: yes! I would have bought and sold.

    Among the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my life I count nude modeling. I have modeled for art students, medical students, photography students as well as for professional photographers. I was of course paid but the true benefit I gained was the ability to exchange a socially crippling shyness for self confidence. In fact it wasn’t until I viewed the art work produced that I came to know myself as a physically beautiful person.

    Every human body is a work of art that ought to be captured on canvas and/or by the camera lens, mounted for viewing and celebrated.

  2. I like that picture, it’s sort of trippy. And I wouldn’t mind having paintings of myself naked before I get pregnant, that would be nice. I would buy a picture of someone else naked too because.. who doesn’t like naked girls, right? 🙂

  3. And nudity sells in that it attracts, well, attention no matter how jaded we are. This post, after all is a top post on wordpress today.

    Sounds like a very interesting project. Too bad I’m on the East Coast and couldn’t have gone to see it.

  4. Absolutely I would have signed up in this project. People ARE beautiful, just as they are. How could it be any other way? I’d watched a documentary on a photographer who went all over the world getting every day people to pose nude for him in public, and they did a mass nude photo where thousands and thousands of people disrobed and laid down while he took the most amazing shot… I’m trying to access my Netflix list for the name but alas, IE is crashing everytime I open a new browser. If I get the name of the film I’ll come back and post it. It was incredible. Maybe someone else knows the one I’m talking about.

  5. Nudity does indeed sell but an accidental trip to a nudist website convinces you that some people should really look after their body a tad more before taking it into their heads to disrobe – or perhaps that’s half the fun.

    Nothing wrong with the human form but most of us prefer human forms within certain aesthetic parameters. Our bodies are after all reflective of the life we have led.

    I don’t know if you have ever taken a look at the work of photographer Jo Spence

  6. A little like the Infinite Cat project, only much more erotic? (to paraphrase /Mort/).

    (I tried posting this comment the other day, but it never showed up; maybe the link to infinitecat was the problem.)


  7. Hi! I just came across this blog post while googling my name and I wanted to say “Hello” and thank you all for all the interesting things you’ve said about my project. Very Cool!

    I have a website for the project, although I am totally behind in updating it and making it current. The addy is:

    Anyway, although the show isn’t up at the gallery anymore, I do hope to maybe at least hang all the images again at another space sometime soon. And then there’s the hope of doing the project again at another art venue or similar space in the not too distant future. So please check back in at my site from time to time if you think of it for more info — oh, and you might need to hit your browser’s refresh button to get the most up to date version, f.y.i.

    OK… thanks and be well!
    Johnny Naked

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