Silf, by Jennie

I title my works with one word as I have done ever since I was young. But I am curious, do you find an one-word title to open a conversation or end it?

My theory is that it is ambiguous and lets people draw their own assumptions as to the meaning. It makes each work more personal to each viewer, I am not telling them the meaning, nor am I generating a meaning to make the piece sound important.

But am I missing a point? should I title works with a more fashionable artistic name that gives the piece some profound meaning? would that invite viewers to think on the name and the meaning I have chosen? or would it close the conversation and assign a single meaning?

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3 thoughts on “Titling

  1. Titling is a very interesting question.

    I’m very much in the ‘less-is-more’ camp, and let the viewer bring out the rest from the piece of art themselves.

    However, these days, with people like Hirst calling things ‘The impossibility if of the idea of death in the mind of the living” (I’m sure I’ve got that wrong but you know what I mean) the title really becomes more the art itself!!

    When you’ve got that lot on the caption plate why bother with wasting time producing the art at all!! 😉

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