Ova- a new impasto nude

Ova, by Jennie

This impasto series is really taking off. Now that my lines are more confident I am starting to use the knife more like a brush to gain different effects. I am also focussing on the under-painting to create a delicious mix of colors, gradients and emotions.

Each piece in this series only has a few lines to create the entire form – in this way it is very similar to asian calligraphy where the form is represented in minimal lines to create a very clean and pure look. The key line in this piece is very long and really underpins the entire work. I will frequently re-do a line over and over again until it feels just right.

The title Ova represents a number of things, from the basic shape of the figure to the concept of new beginnings, looking into ourselves in an enclosed state and the concept that we are all “only an egg.” At least, that is what I see in it – what do you see?

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4 thoughts on “Ova- a new impasto nude

  1. The word “oeuvre” means “work” in French.
    The word “oeuf” translates as “egg”. It is a good idea to check the translation of words with a native speaker to avoid confusion and possible embarrassment.

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