Abstract Shapes or Abstract Ideas?

Picture 1

Picture 1,
by noInfluenceArt

noinfluenceArt — Like the title portrays, this program shows you art without any influence,
its just random.
Its Computer Generated Art, Why dont you see what your mac can draw?

Computers do a great job of drawing without any outside influences.
Made to inspire artists to think outside the box.
noinfluenceArt 1.0 – MacUpdate:

I have fallen in love with this toy. as an inspirational tool it is very interesting but also in terms of art influence it is fascinating.

noInfluenceArt was made with the idea to inspire artists. I certainly do find it inspiring, the shapes work in a similar way to a rorschach test creating an image in the mind rather than on the screen.

but does it make a comment on art creation as well? on modern art consciously created from abstract shapes versus the random creations of a computer? I hazard a guess to say both. like the way a rorschach works these seemingly random creations draw something from our minds and we assign a meaning, a form, a function. Abstract art and software like this frequently rely on mathematical constructs that we process automatically, like a complex piece of music.

Of course there will always be some people who look at modern art and see random shapes, just as they may see it in this software, but people who are rich in imagination and experience will draw something from both. and that still remains my personal definition of art.

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