It’s Best to be Nude in a Group

Draped Nude

Draped Nude by Leek

I have the pleasure of administrating and moderating Redbubble’s first and only (at this stage) nude art group. Groups are a new feature to Redbubble but they have fast become a favorite place to showcase the best artwork across the board. The Artistic Nude is open to all media and already has some astounding artworks on it- it’s a pleasure to see all the new works that get added.

I find myself in a unusual position as someone who now has to decide if a work needs to be censored. I clarified the guidelines and made sure I knew exactly what was permissible and what wasn’t but I find that most people already adhere to a personal set of limitations and don’t feel a need to add extra flesh gratuitously (except for one- but I’m keeping an eye on him!). I am sure, at some point, I will paint some nudes with labia and vulva showing but I don’t feel it is necessary just because I can- it needs to have a point, a reason, like everything in art, gratuity for gratuity’s sake seems meaningless to me.

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One thought on “It’s Best to be Nude in a Group

  1. It is definately wonderful to be nude in a group. The nude figure(female & male is a work of art). Obviously we are all built differently,but be all look the same barefoot & nude-absolutly beautiful. One of the most comfortable,relaxing,wholesome & pure activities you can do with family & close friends is lounge aound the house barefoot & nude & socialize. My girlfriend, her sister,her mom,& our close friends all socialize/loung around the house barefoot & nude year-round.

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