Last Year’s Achrievements

Freedom  - 36 x 36  Oils on Canvas

Freedom – 36 x 36 Oils on Canvas by Jennie

I am the type of person who ignores achievements and focusses on my failures while still changing the goal posts to ensure I fail more and more. it’s stupid and childish and I can’t seem to break the habit. so here, I am going to celebrate the achievements I made this year.

  1. I finally finished Crawl – after a year of frustrations. finishing this piece opened the floodgates for me to create more pieces and improve more and more. before that I was blocked up and my paintings didn’t feel right.
  2. I participated in a number of exhibitions both here in Melbourne and in San Francisco and Miami Art Basel.
  3. My writing was published in a Magazine and in a Newspaper
  4. My work was not as prolific this year, but the overall quality improved out of sight.
  5. Sales of new works increased exponentially. I’ve sold more works this year than last year – especially some of my newer pieces.
  6. I completed a commission for a friend and collector.
  7. I finally got around to making christmas cards for collectors this year.
  8. I had a number of meetings with galleries and artists and increased my connections.
  9. I was offered an exhibition in a commercial gallery in Montreal
  10. I received awards twice at for curators choice and for audience choice.
  11. I got so many new ideas I thought my head would explode!

So, while not the year I was hoping for, I don’t think I did too badly at all! next up – resolutions for this year.

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