New Nude: Relaxed

Relaxed - 18 x 30 Mixed Media on Canvas
Relaxed – 18 x 30 Mixed Media on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

I’m using a new impasto surface instead of gesso and it’s really making a difference, sharper lines and I think it has a greater permanence as well. it seems to set slower but firmer and sculpts really nicely. I am going to be trying an acrylic impasto medium as well to play with translucency and so on. I’m really enjoying having the time and reason to dedicate to these white pieces. as always, I work better under a deadline and for a reason.

This piece is a little different to my other white pieces but I think I am starting to get a feel for gravity, and for the new knife I am using after my old favorite met an unfortunate and untimely death..

3 thoughts on “New Nude: Relaxed

  1. If this is the result of you expressing your frustrations, perhaps you should express yourself more often. Aren’t artists supposed to go through tough times to release their inner feelings?

    Lovely work. -Steve

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