New Nude: Depth

Depth - 36 x 24 Mixed media on Canvas
Depth – 36 x 24 Mixed media on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

This was an interesting new experiment. for a little while now I’ve had these underwater images in my brain and have wanted to play with this same technique but using translucent impasto medium instead of gesso. this is my first attempt. I marbled titanium white through the medium. the challenge was that I was unsure on drying how opaque it would remain so the question was whether I added not enough or too much white to the mix. because I need to work lines over and over I also ran the risk of over blending and losing some of the marbling effect.

All in all I am happy with this first attempt. the medium was delightful to work with, slower drying and with an excellent viscosity -I loved the way my knife glided across the canvas. next time, I would like to see about marbling different colors as well and experimenting with layering and levels of relief. but all in good time- boy it’s fun to play! What do you think of this new take?

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