New Nude: Kneeling

Kneeling - 30x24 Mixed Media on Canvas
Kneeling – 30×24 Mixed Media on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

we’re in the home stretch now! almost finished painting – (there’s one that needs a little something extra, but I don’t know what yet). almost finished cleaning the sides and stringing the backs – I’ve framed the watercolors (don’t ask about the stress that was! it was supposed to be easy dammit!) and now I just need to finish up, cook and put together the catalogue. it’s beginning to sound doable.

This is one I did a couple of weeks ago and never blogged. it’s a really simple one that has been growing on me more and more. sometimes it seems sad, sometimes it seems peaceful, but I’m really getting to be happy with the lines and shapes in this piece. what do you think?

3 thoughts on “New Nude: Kneeling

  1. You’re on the home strecth now Jennie – try not to stress to much this week. Hey, can you email me the details for sunday please?


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