Change of pace

Change of pace,
originally uploaded by minxdragon.

I find that while i don’t particularly want to do the web based portion of my work at the moment. I am more than happy to play with my watercolors. In fact i seem to want to play. Period. I am thoroughly enjoying roaming around, cooking new, fun things and gardening. I guess It’s spring fever.
i am also particularly enjoying my new toy. An lg viewty. It’s a stupid name but probably the best phone i’ve ever had. In fact, i’m writing this on my phone now. I took the photo with it too. I love gadgets! It’s given me the unwired freedom i crave. I just have to stop playing with it so much!
I do think my watercolors are improving. I’m having a lot of fun with them right now. I’m working on some larger ones like this one at the moment, which presents a new challenge.

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