Kneeling by Jennie Rosenbaum

Our landlords are putting our house up for sale. if it had been a few months ago or a few months hence we probably would have bought this house but unfortunately the timing is really off for us. so we are in the midst of all the usual. photographers and floor plan people, the shower renovation nightmare mark II (now thankfully almost resolved without carcinogenic fumes of doom next to the master bedroom) and of course open houses. Liam and I have been through it all before. there is something about us living in a house that makes it a wonderful sales prospect – usually for someone who wants to move in themselves.

The difference this time is that our landlords are actually cool and are encouraging me to put up price tags on all my works hanging around the house (of which there are many, I store on the walls) and to treat the open days as opportunities to sell my works. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I am going to put out some information anyway. hey, exposure is still exposure right? you never know…

One thought on “Open

  1. Jennie my love, I think those fumes actually are getting to to you. That was a largley unintelligible posting. Poor baby. Hope you guys get settled elsewhere suitable ASAP.

    In the meantime, we (ok,I) just launched a new weblog, independant of AllNudist where I can rant to my heart’s content without bothering our regular visitors. Mostly political ravings, some other fun stuff.

    Now, just because we send folks to your website from ours, and just ’cause we spent a good deal of bucks on one of your paintings, or just because we would have bought another one but couldn’t afford the shipping, or the fact that we named our latest child after you (lie), please don’t let that affect whether you decide to add a link, even for just a week or so, to our new site. Which would be , namely, Overflow.

    But you don’t need to, we’ll keep lovin’ you anyway! – Steve

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