Poll: which do you prefer?

I’ve wondered about this for a really long time.. it probably wont affect how I paint because I paint how I feel at the time, but I’m curious to know the results! which of my painting styles do you like best? for those who don’t know, my “ochre” works are the earthy pieces, my impasto works are the white ones and my watercolors are the new…watercolor pieces..

if you are reading this in RSS you may need to visit the page to vote in the poll. thanks!

5 thoughts on “Poll: which do you prefer?

  1. This hardly a fair poll babe. This’ll just make you think the Ochres are the only things worth doing and thats not true. I like all of your work, but OF ALL your work, the ochres have the highest impact both in person and on screen. They are probably your biggest sellers for the exact same reason.

    • I know you’re right, it’s not really fair and it won’t affect how I
      paint because I love them all for different reasons, I was just
      curious. it’s wierd working in such disparate styles and I have had a
      curiosity for a looong time about it!

  2. I like all your work, but it’s still an easy call: Your new watercolors rock.

    This is weird, because I usually despise watercolor as a medium. I think the big difference is that you’re not being lured into timid, diluted, definition-free blandness like seems to happen so often when oils-artists do watercolor.

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