Nude of the Week – help me think of a title for this one!



Oils on Canvas
24×36 in


While painting this one I was struck by the lyrics in Passing Strange from the song Must Have Been High

and every song sounds like an angel’s choir
my edges were rounded i had wings of fire
soaring through the sky i must’ve been high

Passing Strange is still a golden album for me to paint to in many ways, but this just really caught my brain during this piece. which is a mercy because Human Equation (my other current golden album) was taking me back to a very bad place while painting this. it’s one of the reasons i’m having difficulty coming up with a title (there are many obvious ones that I shy away from because of those associations).

Please help me find a title! I was originally (back during the render) going to call it plunge, but I think that will suit the upcoming watercolor better… I just can’t think of anything right! everything I think of breaks my one word naming convention, and that will never do! what word does this conjure up to you?

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