The Fine Art Department

Stretch - 12x10 Oils on Canvas
Stretch – 12×10 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

Artist Tracy Helgeson has put together a blog showcasing artists who are selling their work online. Things like this are so helpful in this market, where luxuries such as art are hit hardest. check it out here :

what am I doing with the market downturn? I’m focussing on making my more affordable pieces, the smaller works and the watercolors, I’m building on my techniques and abilities and skillset so that I am ready for the market when it changes. Because I will be moving house soon I have also started a sale at boundless gallery where you can pick up my works for 15% off. this is a precursor to a price raise that will have to happen at the start of next year so if you have been eyeing off a piece, now is the time!

One thought on “The Fine Art Department

  1. Thanks for the mention and link, Jennie. Important to keep working and developing during these slow times, I am doing that too with my work. Kinda nice to have the time for that!

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