2008 Achievements

Pivot - 48 x 36 Acrylics, gesso and Pastel on Canvas
Pivot – 48 x 36 Acrylics, gesso and Pastel on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

A little late, here are my achievements for 2008, the things I accomplished personal and business – no matter how small!

  1. I held my first solo show
  2. I received a first place award for my artwork Freedom.
  3. in the first half of this financial year I have already topped the sales for the entire previous financial year
  4. I started working in watercolors – and loving it!
  5. I started playing more and more with mixed media
  6. I really got into 3d modeling – and my artwork has improved so much as a result.
  7. I attended a number of online seminars and learned a lot about online marketing
  8. I met some truly wonderful people including an artist I really admire – Hazel Dooney.
  9. I learned that it’s ok to say no to some opportunities – I don’t have to chase every one.
  10. I exhibited in more group shows this year than ever before
  11. I started tweeting!
  12. I covered the Bill Henson debacle from beginning to end – more, I think, than any other arts blogger. (pretty sure, I did a lot of searching)
  13. my husband and I reached a very big decision to start trying for a baby
  14. I cut out a lot of my pain killers and harmful drugs in anticipation of #13
  15. I reached 70 and 80 on my main! (oh yes.. I had to put in a WoW one)
  16. I voted. absentee votes were hard but this year the election really counted. My state was really close (when usually it isn’t) so I feel like my vote made a difference.
  17. I became obsessed with blindfolds and cast shadows
  18. my blog traffic jumped massively
  19. I increased my walking distance and stamina and the pain reduced as a result – I have plateaued really well and built up my strength
  20. I increased my tolerance for stairs, they are still very very hard, but now no longer impossible.

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