new artist statement

Arched - 7x5 oils on canvas
Arched – 7×5 oils on canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

I’ve been thinking for a while that I should re-do my artist statement. writing lots of submissions has made me think about what my work says and what I want it to say. I also want my statement to be accessible and interesting- not full of art wank.

this is what I have so far – what do you think?

My artwork explores the relationship women have with their bodies. We live in an age of extremes and dichotomies, where women are celebrated for objectifying themselves and others, but nude art is reviled. Where the word curvy is synonymous with the word fat and anorexia and obesity have become the norm. My artwork is unashamedly nude, but not erotic or titillating. I reveal glimpses into my own history and battles with personal issues, but try to make my work something that most people can associate with.

My artwork seeks to capture emotion and to encourage an empathic reaction in the viewers. It considers the different issues women face both internally and through external forces. These works are open for interpretation. Frequently a meaning that I feel in an artwork summons a different gamut of emotions memories and feelings in another viewer. My titles are ambiguous for this reason.

The nude body is a beautiful, sensual, expressive entity. We communicate through so much more than our voices and resonate feelings through body language.

the old statement is on my about page if you want to compare..

One thought on “new artist statement

  1. It expresses your feelings well, but is a bit too wordy, perhaps. Angie always tells me to trim it down, get to the point. Be concise. Every word, every comma you don’t need is too many. She’s an ex-newspaper editor, I tend to listen to her and it does improve my writing.

    That’s really hard for me, a natural blabbermouth… -Steve

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