iPod the death of art?

Spirit  -  Oils on Canvas

Spirit – Oils on Canvas by Jennie
This piece is for sale

Speaking on the eve of his 70th birthday, Britain’s best-loved
living painter said the proliferation of iPods – Apple has sold
more than 100 million worldwide – and other digital music players
has combined with a decline in art education to create a “fallow
period of painting”.
“We are not in a very visual age,” Hockney said. “I think it’s
all about sound. People plug in their ears and don’t look much,
whereas for me my eyes are the biggest pleasure
iPods to blame for total eclipse of the art, says Hockney – Digital Music:

With all respect to the venerable Hockney, this is a load of tripe. if anything, we are in a more visual age than anything else and perhaps listening should be higher on the agenda. if anything is to blame for declining visual values then advertising would have to be a bigger culprit, causting people to glaze over visuals and actively work to ignore them.

for me, art is greatly enhanced by music. not only in the viewing, where it can add more weight to an exhibition or installation, but also in it’s creation. I can personally say that my iPod has set my art free. I need music when I work and being able to plug in my iPod means I can paint whenever I please, in the afternoon or at 4am! (and it happens a lot – inspiration strikes me at night). Because the sound is delivered straight into my brain via my beautiful skullcandys I transport with the music and find myself in a purely creative place of my choosing. music influences my style, the techniques I use and even the things I try.

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One thought on “iPod the death of art?

  1. I am with you on the vision and sound front. I think in this era we are enhancing both. We are in a very sensory time. Also smell comes into play with all the cafe culture booming. Time for my arvo coffee… Smell the coffee!

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