Do nudes belong in the bedroom?

spirit in a bedroom

where do you hang your nude art?

most collectors I have met over the years (of my work and others) hang the nudes they purchase in the bedroom. it seems to be some form of unspoken consensus that that is where nude art belongs.

is this some kind of feng shui for bedroom fu? is it because it is one place where we all feel comfortable in the nude? or is it an expression of embarrassment? are people afraid that their grandparents are going to see a nude in their living room?

I like to think that it’s because the bedroom is the place where we can all shed our cares and our clothes. it’s a nest where we can really be ourselves, divest ourselves of the masks we wear throughout the day.

I have nudes throughout our house. storing works on the walls gives me time to live with my favorites before they are sold and to keep them out of harms way. There are actually less nudes in the bedroom (unless you count my bedside sketchbooks) because they remind me of work too much! I don’t think twice about who comes to the house or what they may think, but then, this is my life. I’m curious, though, where do nude artworks belong in your house? do you have a reason?

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