Hitler nudes up for auction

Nude Drawing

Nude Drawing by Hitler

The two nude pieces are expected to raise $30,000 when they go on sale Tuesday in Ludlow, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The nudes are of a young woman covering her breasts with her arm and lacking facial features. The picture of the older woman’s face is similar to photographs of Hitler’s mother, said Richard Westwood-Brookes, who is selling the art.

Hitler, the Austria-born German politician who led the Nazi Party, drew the sketches in the early 1900s when he was in Vienna and practiced different art techniques so he might be considered for an art college, the British publication said.

“The nude interestingly doesn’t have a face drawn in. It’s not because he couldn’t do faces because he drew the other one of the elderly woman who might be his mother,” Westwood-Brookes said. “Perhaps there is no face because Hitler saw people just as inanimate objects.”

[From Hitler-drawn nudes to be auctioned – UPI.com]

Should I be wierded out that Hitler didn’t like to paint faces on his nudes either? I am.. I’m already concerned about the link between insanity and art and dictatorship and art..

for the record, I do not see people as inanimate objects. I like to give the freedom to the viewer to imagine a face, or not, as they will. many tell me that they see themselves or people the know in my works- if I were to make them full portraits it wouldn’t work that way. it’s like how some authors don’t fully describe their characters to allow room for the reader to form their own associations. I have no idea if that is the way hitler felt. I don’t actually want to know.

4 thoughts on “Hitler nudes up for auction

  1. Were Adolf’s artwork done by somebody else, I very much doubt that they would treated with the contempt they are. I believe that Adolf is over demonised while those who did more than him, worse than him, never receive criticism.

  2. Treating people as objects, as things, is the source of pretty much all I consider crime in this world. The wall that attitude builds between people tends to filter out everything good.

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