I may be a little Distracted…


on the 12th of March (tomorrow!!!) I will be going into the hospital to have my little baby podling. it feels alternately like this pregnancy has dragged by, and flown past in an instant.

I have queued up some posts that will be going out and I will try to update my blog when I can but for obvious reasons this may not be possible as we will be adjusting to a new little person in our lives. thankyou for your patience and I promise as soon as I can everything will be back up and running! I may post from my phone in the hospital if I am bored so I appreciate your patience in that as well!

3 thoughts on “I may be a little Distracted…

  1. Very best wishes with your big day. I hope all is well and that you enjoy great happiness in the months ahead. This year will see me counting grandchild number thirteen being born.The wheel turns! Best wishes to a possible new S.C.A.A. member? ha ha!

  2. Congrats Jennie! So, whadda ya doin’ for the next 20 years or so? Ha, 20? We’ve got two 20-somethings back home right now, you can never get rid of them. Have fun! Angie & Steve

    The child has no hope. She will be blonde.
    So here’s my blond joke in honour of your nativity:

    A blond walks into her local financial institution and inquires about a $5000 loan for a trip overseas. Dressed to the nines, furs, diamonds and uber-expensive hair. It’s clear to the manager she doesn’t need the loan.

    “Um, we don’t actually offer unsecured loans at the moment. Have you anything for collateral?”

    “Yes” she says, and hands him the keys to her Aston Martin. “You can use the car for security”.

    Eyes bugged, he accepts the keys to her half-million dollar car and the deal is done.

    Three months later she returns, pays off the loan in a single transaction and collects her keys.

    “Um, why did you actually need that loan, if I could ask? You don’t look like the type to be short a quid.”

    “How much was the interest?” she asked. “About 50 dollars” says the manager.

    “Do you know anywhere else in town I could park an Aston Martin for 3 months on fifty bucks and still have the car when I returned?

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