Nude of the Week – Bewitched

Bewitched - a new nude by Jennie Rosenbaum

Oils on Canvas
36 x 24 in

click for detail images and price

Much discussion online has been centered around this painting. about halfway through I had a meltdown- the kind that sometimes will keep me out of my studio for months on end. the kind that sometimes leads to stabbing canvasses. I had something initially which had a lot of power and then, in my usual obsessive style, I overworked it. and lost the power and energy it had.

this time, however, I made my anguish public. I sent out messages venting my frustration to the world on twitter and facebook. this inspired many comments from friends, artists on twitter and even a discussion on fine art views (which sadly, I was unable to respond to, something went wrong in the comments for me) it’s amazing how everyone’s encouragement helped me bounce back and turn it around. this painting went from being a failure to being, well, something of a success if the comments are anything to go by! I sucked it up, got back into the studio and this is what came about. thankyou all so much! I’m still too close to it but sometimes the ones that cause you the most difficulty seem to be the best in the end. I’m glad I didn’t destroy it. I’m glad I didn’t leave the studio for too long. I’m glad because being able to bounce back like this and continue on is one of the hallmarks of growing as an artist.

thankyou everyone for your wisdom and help! you helped me create this painting.

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