Nude of the Week – Landing Daz Render


Daz|Studio render

Sometimes I will have an idea rattling around in my head for a long time. in the case of this one it’s been years! for some reason every time I sketched it out it just wasn’t right. I’ve tried a couple of times with paintings like rage but I’ve never gotten close to the motion in my head.

Last week I was inspired to try some new takes. this is the result. I don’t know if it’s exactly what I wanted, but I do know that it is looking really good and fitting in well with my current explorations into action. I’m looking forward to painting it up!

BTW, if you see any renders you really love, you can always contact me about commissioning it as a painting! I can tailor the size to suit your space and budget (within practical limits of course!) – check here for my past renders and stay tuned for more..

Daz|Studio products used

Daz Studio Advanced

Figure: Victoria 4 *free*
Lighting: Studiolight Pro
Morphs: Morphs++ NGM for V4

3 thoughts on “Nude of the Week – Landing Daz Render

  1. It does look very good. And yet somehow wrong… she looks… off balance maybe? I can’t put my finger on what exactly, but she looks slightly awkward, like there’s something about it that isn’t physically possible, and my brain has registered that it shouldn’t look like that, but not why.

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