Nude of the Week – Wavelength Daz Render


Daz|Studio and Reality render

Reality is a new bridge for Daz|Studio and Lux Render. it’s a physically based render engine, which means that it calculates the actual physics behind the lights, reflections and the way that light actually works. it produces outstanding effects but means that you have to re-learn everything you knew about how Daz lighting works and go back to original photographic lighting concepts. this is pretty cool, and I can see so many applications for artists who work mostly in still life. it creates volumetric glass, proper metallic reflections, and wonderful realistic water effects.

sadly it also requires a pretty powerful machine – my computer just wasn’t up for anything more complex than this!

Daz|Studio products used
Figure: Victoria 4 *free*
Character: Eve
Render Engine: Reality
Morphs: Morphs++ NGM for V4

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