2010 – my year in review

2010 has been a huge year for me in just so many ways! I decided to take much of the year off from chasing galleries, focusing on exhibiting and the hard slog of being an artist, and instead made my focus studio work, improving my art, and, of course, getting used to being a mommy! In some ways this plan worked out brilliantly and in others it didn’t. I’m not very good at slowing down it seems!
It’s been a hard year in many ways, but also one of the best years I can remember! Here’s a look back on everything I achieved this year:

1: I had a beautiful baby girl! being a mom is better than I could have imagined and she thrills me daily with each new accomplishment.

2: i’m still Breastfeeding! From someone who said she could never do it, and having so many problems to start with it’s now almost 10 months in. And one of the best things i’ve ever done. I look at Erica and how healthy and happy she is and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

3: I gained representation! So much for not looking at galleries, I gained two in the one year!

4: I was juried into commercial exhibitions! Based on a render no less, first time a work has been accepted based on the concept alone.

5: I exhibited smarter, not more. I only went for exhibitions I truly wanted to be a part of. Ones that would look great on my CV.

6: I learned to say no to opportunities that wouldn’t benefit me. One exhibition I was lined up for went from bad to worse, it wasn’t being well organized and I felt it would end up reflecting badly on me, so I pulled out. I am not being elitist, i’m sure it was fine for some of the exhibitors, but it wasn’t set up for my kind of work.

7: my work improved! The key goal for this year was to get plenty of time for my art even with a baby, I really wanted to focus on working well in the studio and I think I have set up some excellent practices.

8: I was asked to donate a painting to a very good cause, I was treated very nicely and thrilled to be a part of it. The piece sold well!

9: I started to get a bit of name recognition going on. People mentioned they had heard of me a few times – how cool is that? my marketing and online viral stuff is paying off

10: my facebook page has gone gangbusters, and i’ve met some wonderful people, quite a few connections have come about through it and it’s fun to work with!

11: I’ve made some really great connections this year, in Australia and overseas, it’s wonderful to meet so many brilliant people!

12: I have a permanent home! I love the feel, we have space, and light and lots of wall space too! I will have a custom studio that is all mine, not a room I have to be careful in, but my own space to truly let go in. Next year I will be painting it and getting it all set up.

13: I have an iPad. i’m writing this post on it. I loves it so!

14: I became a ninja! Part of the daz beta squad testing all the latest tools, I also spent way too much, so it’s lucky that I am learning to…

15: become an affiliate maven! I am beginning to earn real money as an affiliate which is pretty cool.

16: I improved my 3d skills out of sight, I can’t even recognize the work I used to do! I’ve started working with bigger and better tools and really thinking about he way light works, it’s very cool.

17: I dropped 3 dress sizes. a very hard time with hyperemesis gravidarum plus breastfeeding and finally resetting my hormones after taking depo provera, has brought my weight back where it is supposed to be. now I need a new wardrobe!

18: I connected with my mother and father in a way I never knew I could, my relationship with them both is now better than ever!

19: I learned to lose myself in the sheer fun of playing, a good story, a song or a silly dance. it’s amazing how babies can help you reconnect with your inner child!

20: I learned to be happy where I am, I love the way things are unfolding, and the way my life is shaping up. I have so much to be thankful for, a brilliant husband, a wonderful baby, a lovely home, a career I adore, a name in the making and two brilliant cats. and an ipad. I have everything I could want.

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