I Need your Help 2- the Linkening

Help me get to uni!

Thankyou everyone for voting on my fundraising! Per your votes I have started a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible and a series of eBay auctions at never before seen prices! Here is the link to the Pozible campaign: http://pozi.be/2bamaster I have included such rewards as custom sketches, artwork vouchers, discounts and tutorials. If there is a reward you think I should be offering let me know! This is my first ever crowdfunding campaign and I’m thrilled to be almost 1/4 there already! If getting crazy deals on artwork is more your thing, here is the eBay link too! I will be adding more works so keep checking this link! eBay auctions If there is something you have had your eye on for a while let me know, make an offer, you never know! I love you all. If you can’t contribute I understand, but would really appreciate a signal boost! Retweets and shares are all appreciated.

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