Here I go again…

Crowdfunding image, two pictures of me and two of my artwork on a grid.

help me pay for university!

So I made a decision.

it was a difficult decision, I hated doing it, but as the Pozible campaign didn’t go through I decided to defer my studies until next year. I came to terms with it and did it. I watched O Week go by with sadness and started to look forward to the next year with no stress, no fundraising dramas, no worrying.

Until I found out that I wasn’t able to defer. I had to either withdraw and reapply or get my butt to class.

There was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth! oh the profanity!

I know the chances of being offered this course again, without a bachelors degree, coupled with the wonderful start to this year that I have shown already, would be slim to none. if that.

So there is nothing for it but to keep going once more!

I have learned from my previous mistakes, Pozible was good – but I think gofundme is better for this purpose.

I have set up a new campaign, there are new reward tiers and new options. You can contribute as much or as little as you want and be assured that I will get it! with Pozible I wouldn’t receive anything unless I reached my goal, with GoFundMe I receive all of the funds. in retrospect it would have been the better option to start with.

I am offering more artworks on eBay and offering great deals on other pieces. if there is a painting you have had your eye on let me know!

On the plus side, I made it to my first class and it was fantastic, this is going to be hard, but I am already learning so much! My first presentation is in a month and I have a 4000 word essay due in June. I get my own campus studio and the cafe is slouchy and comfortable. Did I mention that there were computer labs and a 3D printer? I must use it… I am truly looking forward to enjoying university, I hope I can raise the funds to continue enjoying it!

as always, your shares are appreciated. thank you for your contributions and help!

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