I need your help! – now with links!

Update: Wow thank you everyone! here is the link to the Pozible campaign, Ebay auction details will be forthcoming soon!

Update part the second: here is the eBay link too! I will be adding more works so keep checking this link! eBay auctions
If there is something you have had your eye on for a while let me know.

I have been admitted to a masters degree! It’s at the best arts school in the country and I am super excited. But there is a snag. I’m not eligible for student loans through the government at this time. I’m working on fixing my eligibility, but it won’t be fixed before the start of term. I don’t want to have to defer my dreams for a whole year! So I am in the position of trying to raise enough money to attend my first semester (with the hope that everything will be fixed after that). This is where you come in. I really need your help! But I want to involve you too. I have two ideas. One is crowdfunding, where I offer you small sketches, bookmarks, artwork and the opportunity to pick my next hair color. I may offer tutorials or a chance to get an art book of my works and research. The other is to auction some of my paintings on eBay. The works would be a mix of older and newer, big and small, some may have been damaged and repaired. What would you prefer? Crowdfunding or eBay? Both? Something else?

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